What Types Of School Bags Are There On The Market?

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School bags are very useful for our children, but choosing a suitable backpack for their age, height, and weight is essential. You can find different backpacks for schools in the market, such as backpacks placed on the back.

These backpacks are the best known. They have two bands with straps so that the child can hang the backpack on his back comfortably. However, it is convenient that you take into account the height of your little one before buying one, and this way, you will avoid hurting yourself with an excessive or poorly distributed weight.

On the other hand, shoulder bags are ideal for teenagers who carry little weight and want to have all the material at hand. In this sense, it is common to see shoulder backpacks equipped to store laptops in total safety in the market.

The backpacks with wheels are indicated for children who carry a lot of weight in the backpack. However, even if they are practical, if your child has to climb stairs or walk too much, it is best to use a backpack on his back since, otherwise, he could have wrist problems due to the weight.

Tips To Solve Excessive Weight In Backpacks

The weight of the backpacks must not exceed 10% of the minor’s body weight. Despite this recommendation, the reality is very different, and children have to carry a lot of weight on their backs. Since the weight of books cannot be avoided, the backpack has to be as strong and light as possible.

In this way, your child can carry a comfortable and durable backpack for the entire school year. It is also important to note that, to distribute the weight better and minimize the risk of injury, the backpack should have different compartments and some straps, and a padded backrest. On the other hand, it is convenient that the backpack is waterproof to prevent the material inside from getting wet when it rains.

The Importance Of Height When Buying A School Backpack

It is not easy to reduce the number of books or notebooks that children carry in their backpacks, but you can buy a backpack suitable for the child’s size so that they do not get hurt when they carry a lot of weight. To do this, you must check that the backpack is well placed at shoulder height and that its size does not exceed your child’s waist.

The backpacks of children between 5 and 8 years old do not exceed 38 centimeters; in the same way, minors between 9 and 12 years old should not have a backpack that exceeds 42 centimeters. However, all these measurements vary depending on the height of each child.


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