Things to Know When Opting for Fractional Resurfacing Laser Treatments

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Laser skin resurfacing is the proven technique to deal with and reduce the occurrence of age-related problems on the skin. It treats issues like wrinkles, age spots, scars from acne, and other blemishes and tightens skin, besides balancing its overall tone. But the lasers can have different impacts on your skin and therefore, it is important to know in detail about the process before opting for it.

When should you have the treatment?

Autumn is mostly known as the laser season because the treatment is highly reactive to the sun’s exposure. Your skin will become hypersensitive to the sun for about an entire year following the treatment. Hence, it is very ideal for you to get treated right in the fall or the winter months and spend the majority of your time indoors. Also wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to keep your skin healthy.

The treatment may be hurtful or maybe not

The sensation of the laser treatment will be almost similar to rubber bands snapping on your skin. However, the final impact of the treatment depends upon the laser that is used to treat you, the depth and area of the skin and your tolerance for the pain. If the lasers are used for deeper ablative treatments, local anaesthetic injections will be required to keep the patient comfortable during the process.

Darker skins will also be safe during the treatment

You will be hearing a lot of misconceptions that laser treatments are only good for skins with lighter tones. No doubt, the laser treatment can mildly affect the dark skin tone through cell damage and discolouration, but it is a completely safe option for resurfacing. There are different types of treatments like the Erbium laser or radio-frequency treatments that can be conducted based upon the melanin content in your skin.

Laser treatment is done best by professionals

The results vary greatly as to who is doing your treatment. If the person is highly trained and knowledgeable and has great expertise, your treatment will be successful. Your skin’s appearance will dramatically improve and if the person is inexperienced, the treatment might prove fatal on your skin. Hence, choose the provider very carefully based on their experience and reviews.

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