Jobs for aspiring interior and fashion designers

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People’s perspective of living is changing. Earlier, people needed three things to live a good life food, shelter, and clothing. But the scenario changed after the population increased in urban areas, families are breaking into smaller parts nuclear families are becoming common. More people are adjusting to a small portion of land. As a place of dwelling is getting short, and the standard of living of people are getting high, they are making their home a comfort zone with all technical and modern facilities. Interior design became a course to study and many people chose it as a career option. An interior designer not only does work for people’s personal residences but also for companies. The availability of the interior designing course in Kolkata is getting high, as Kolkata’s remained an epicenter of design and fashion. 

Interior designers are not necessarily to stay committed to one company they can do part-time jobs. They can hold two contacts at one time but only one thing they have to keep in mind is that interior designers have to maintain completeness and uniformity in their works. An interior designer can work as follows:

  1. Residential interior designer: Here, interior designers work to meet clients’ expectations by designing them their dream house, just the way they wanted it to be.
  2.  Corporate or commercial interior designer: Here, designers work to plan the layout for a company, hotel, etc. They work for corporates. 
  3. Renovation work: Besides, doing construction work interior designers also can do renovation work both for the exterior and interior. 

A person who is sportively learning new things and working passionately can develop a career as an Interior designer. 

Fashion design is something that is at its peak nowadays. Fashion lovers are increasing and fashion trends are changing too often. As the craze for fashionable things is increasing, job opportunities are also climbing upward drastically. A fashion designer not only designs clothes or garments, but they also design accessories, footwear, bags, etc some are as follows:  

Garment Designer:  A Garment designer who designs and makes clothes. These designers can work for any one company or can set up their own business.

Footwear Designer: A footwear designer who designs stylish and innovative shoes. This field is competitive, and seasonal variations in footwear should be designed to be in the market for the whole year. 

Accessory Designer: Designers of this category design accessories like neckpieces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Accessory designers put beads piece by piece to make a whole innovative design.

Sportwear Designer: Sportwear designers design sports person jerseys. The material should be very comfortable and durable. 

Textile Designer: They create two-dimensional designs. They need to have detailed knowledge of colour, fabric, and textile products. They can work alone or can work as a team. They should be in constant contact with the fashion industry deeply to build up a nice portfolio. 

In a fashion designer course, a student is trained in every aspect. So, after completing the fashion degree he or she doesn’t have to face any problems and can choose any fashion field of their interest. 

Both fashion and interior designers need to create deep contacts with the industry to get work orders and have to follow the trends closely. They should have the urge to create something new. 


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