4 Bold Lip Shades to Spice up Your Personality

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Sometimes the thing we care less about is the one that is the most prominent feature of our personality and adds a spark to it. There are many examples of it but the most distinguishing one is the lip shade. Yes! You have read that right, lips are the major captivating point of our personality and we often ignore this part like who cares. Well, it not only describes your personality but also adds a sense of fascination and charisma to your look which makes you stand out from anyone else.

Lip Shades are meant to be the charm of your style as they say a lot about your soul. You can never compromise on the colour of your lipstick as you can either win the show with it or lose it like a fool. There are plentiful options available in the online world but you should be wise enough to grab the perfect one which suits the best with your qualities. The main purpose of this blog is to point out the 4 bold lip shades that will spice up your personality.

1- Inglot Lipstick Matte 451 – Brown

You can never go wrong with the nude shades as they blend perfectly well with every look you are rocking but there is something special about Inglot Lipstick Matte 451-Brown. This shade stands out from all the brown shades in town because of its different colour saturation. It contains Vitamin E and avocado oil which will moisturize your lips and give them a nice soft touch. This colour speaks a lot about your personality and how optimistic being you are who is ready to face any sort of challenge. So, get this amazing lip shade with 6th Street Coupon Code to get amazing discounts.

2- Hema Long Lasting Lipstick 13 Moody Mauve

Hema Long Lasting Lipstick 13 Moody Mauve is the best one in town that is all ready to spice up your personality with its unique colour combo. The purplish shade mixed with a hint of brown tint is what people are going crazy for these days. It has a nice fanaticizing aroma that will keep your mood uplifted and will leave your lips super soft and shiny. This shade will give an intellectual person kind of vibes which is just perfect for you.

3- Inglot Classic Lipstick 229 – Wine

Want to give a sassy look to your personality then there is no way to skip the archetypal and bold Classic Lipstick 229- Wine. It contains Apricot Kernel Oil and Vitamin E that moisturize your dry lips smoothly. This lip shade is destined to make you look like a logical thinker with full audacity and confidence. So, if you are thinking to try something unique and intrepid enough you add a glimpse of captivation to your look then you should opt for this hot shade.

4- Isadora Perfect Moisture Lipstick Coral Caress

If you enjoy the simple and graceful looks then you will fall in love with the Isadora Perfect Moisture Lipstick Coral Caress. This shade is the perfect one for all the cute and adorable personalities out there as it will reflect a delightful and cheery vibe. It has a creamy texture which makes it super blendable and easy to apply.

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