EMS Body Sculpting: What Are The Benefits?

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A slowly but steadily increasing waistline and almost no time or mental space for training at the gym is one of the most common challenges being faced by the average work-from-home employee in the last one year. Body treatments like Clinique Anti Aging EMS body sculpting is a treatment made keeping in mind those challenges. It is the perfect solution to everyone looking to work on their muscles.

Taking into consideration the varying range of fitness of the patients, EMS body sculpting comes with different modes. These can be selected based on different parameters like:

  1. Training experience.
  2. Preferred training method.
  3. Level of fitness, etc.

It has become increasingly harder to find the right set of people for a game of football or basketball under the new normal. Covid protocols limit the chances of swimming at least 3 times a week as well. The overall levels of NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and burning calories through daily activities has also slumped. EMS body sculpting can ensure the patient’s overall muscle fitness is maintained or even improved by allowing targeting up to 8 areas of the body at the same time. To name a few:

  1. Core
  2. Arms
  3. Thighs
  4. Abdominal region

EMS body sculpting employs electric muscle stimulation. It directly stimulates the muscle into contracting and expanding by supplying small quantities of electricity frequently. This ensures more body coverage with equipment that is light to use.

  • It is aimed to make the patient as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
  • The treatment is 100% painless.
  • Unlike conventional muscle sculpting procedures, EMS does not involve any invasive or surgical procedures.
  • A session will last only 45 mins and patients may experience a slight tingling session in the targeted muscle groups. This is due to the electric stimulation.
  • There is minimal muscle soreness that’s similar to a regular workout session.

With a session lasting just 45 mins, a patient will start noticing changes in the overall tone and firmness of the trained muscle group in 4 just sessions. These sessions are completed one after the other with a 48-hour-interval in between. You have to keep in mind that achieving personal goals is subjective from patient to patient. However, you can be confident that EMS body sculpting can effectively ensure:

  1. Better muscular tone.
  2. Reduce back pain.
  3. Prevent muscle atrophy.
  4. Muscle rehabilitation post injury.
  5. Help in burning a higher number of calories.

If you already have a healthy workout regime – which is key to ensure the efficacy of the treatment – and are looking for a simple way to get the most out of your time, check out Clinique Anti Aging website for more information on their EMS body sculpting program. It will surely be worth it!

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