What Kind of Glasses Frames You Can Choose Wisely

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Choosing your new Glasses Frames may be a lot of fun if you know what to look for. In light of the fact that every face is unique, no two frames will be an exact match for every individual. Fortunately, there are a few easy principles you can follow to make the process of purchasing glasses enjoyable.

Be Aware Of Your Personality

The basic shape of your face should be the first consideration when selecting a frame. Generally speaking, the frames that look best on your face will be determined by your facial traits. How a frame looks on your face has a lot to do with your facial features, such as your eye and nasal bridges and jawline. Here are a few questions to help you identify your most prominent face features:

  • Do I have a long, square, or rounded face?
  • Do I have a heart-shaped face or an oval-shaped face?
  • How wide or narrow are my eyes?
  • What kind of bridge do I have on my nose: a thin, broad, or shallow one?
  • Is there anything in particular about my face that my glasses should emphasise or conceal?

Consider Your Level of Confidence

You should also take into account the comfort of the glasses’ fit. There are a few things you can do before you put on the glasses to assist you make a more informed decision about whether or not they are right for you. Comfortableness is an important factor to take into account for the glasses frames.

Prescriptions that are too high

Having a high prescription will have a major impact on the weight of your lenses. Small, rounded lens designs and lighter-weight lens materials may assist decrease the weight of the lenses.

Those who are sensitive to metals are at risk

If you’re allergic to nickel or any other metal, you’ll have a difficult time finding a frame. Jarvis Vision Center provides a selection of hypoallergenic metal frames if you don’t want to settle for a plastic frame. Select pure titanium frames by requesting them from your optician. Consulting with vooglam regarding the same is the best choice here.

Comfortably bridge the gap between the two worlds

When it comes to the comfort of your glasses, the bridge you choose has a huge influence. In contrast to their plastic counterparts, these bridges are made of metal. You won’t have to worry about redness or pressure from the frame on your nose because to their design. Because these bridges can’t be altered to accommodate varied nose measurements, a precise fit is critical. If the bridge of a plastic frame is too large, the glasses will slip off the face. Pressure on the sinuses might result if the bridge is too narrow. By inspecting a few frames on your bridge, an optician can give you a specific figure for the bridge size that works best.

Metal or plastic?

Finally, decide if you like metal frames or plastic frames in terms of comfort and style. Some individuals prefer one style of frame over the other, while others find both equally comfortable.

Consider Your Way of Life Before You Begin

You should also think about what kind of setting you’ll be wearing your glasses in while choosing a frame. Lightweight and super-comfortable shoes are essential if you’re going to be wearing them all day at work. If you’re just going to use your glasses as a fallback for your contact lenses, go for something entertaining. To wear a progressive, multi-focal lens all day long, pick a frame that covers your nose and temples well and feels comfortable to wear. For that choosing the vooglam glasses is essential.

Wearing Glasses in the Workplace

Professional appearance may be enhanced by using conservative frame styles and colours. Choose:

  • These include ovals, rectangles, and almonds, among others.
  • Black and white are also traditional hues.
  • Plastic frames should not have bold colours or unique forms.

Glasses for Fashionistas

Geometric forms with thicker, bigger plastic frames let you to show off your creative, fashionable side. Modern metal frames are also available in a variety of styles. Eyeglasses with odd hues such as blue, green, and purple may also be attractive to you.

Eyewear for the Fashionable

No matter how old you are, you don’t have to wear dowdy, out-of-date spectacles just because you have an AARP membership. Upswept rectangles for men and delicate cat-eye shapes for ladies can help you seem younger and more current.. For males, choose gunmetal, dark browns, and burgundy, whereas for ladies, go for lighter, shinier shades.

Educators’ Eyeglasses

As a student, you have the opportunity to express yourself via your clothing and personal style. You have greater creative freedom when it comes to your own style, so don’t be afraid to experiment with odd forms, vibrant colours, and oversized proportions.

Fashionable Sunglasses for the Busy Parent

Have a hectic schedule and little time to keep up with the newest eyewear trends? Opt for a pair of glasses that are simple, but elegant. With the addition of jewelry-like metal elements or fascinating hues like plum, deep crimson, soft green, and black, you may lend a fashion edge to the frame without going over the top.


When deciding on a frame, don’t forget to factor in the kind of lenses you’ll be using. Progressive, multi-focal lenses need deeper frames in order to accommodate the complete prescription. Choose a frame that looks well with both clear and darkened lenses if you’re using light-adaptive lenses. Smaller frames are ideal for those who need reading glasses or contact lenses that only correct for one vision.

A pair of eyeglass lenses

Trust your optician

Finally, keep in mind that you have a skilled specialist on hand to help you choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your face shape and lifestyle. Frame brands and shapes are second nature to our opticians at Jarvis Vision Center, and they’ve worked with people of various face shapes. They are able to assist you discover the right frame every time because of this. Hopefully, these pointers will assist you in your quest for a new pair of glasses.

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