Top Makeup Trends for 2023

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Make up and a selection of brushes with eye shadows of various colours

It is normal to ponder and be open to change during the first few months of a new year. Winters, brisk breezes, and cooler weather show that change is in the air, prompting many people to consider their evolution. Physical change is one of the most prevalent ideas when people start thinking about what they’d like to introduce during the New year. From hair colour to fashion, there is an everyday inspiration to freshen up one’s appearance. In a recent survey, 22% of women reported spending more time and money on skincare. So what are the top makeup trends hitting 2023?

Minimal makeup

Several models who appeared at the end of the 2022 runway season walked virtually barefaced. High fashion designers have emphasised the inherent attractiveness of their models’ faces as the movement to accept your natural beauty gains momentum. A classic rosy complexion will complement almost any style when light-coloured blush is the main focus.


This recently created expression encourages a modest approach to the beauty items we decide to use. “Skinimalism” is expected to become a prominent 2023 trend starting in 2021, focusing on sustainability in packaging and promoting all-in-one items. According to the forecast results, people will probably reject the idea of a multi-step skincare and beauty routine in 2023 and choose products with fewer steps instead, mindful of the best options for the environment and their finances.

Bleached brows

According to the fashion months for the 2022 season, this contentious but well-liked trend will continue into 2023. This look has been worn by well-known figures closely associated with fashion last year. Many celebrities, like Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox, Lizzo, Bella and Gigi Hadid, have demonstrated how to wear bleached brows confidently and focus on the eyes.

Metallic eyelids

2023 will probably see a lot of metallic as Y2K rave, and grunge themes continue to resurface in prominence. This season’s runaway show featured models from several brands, including Chloe, a powerhouse fashion label, wearing glittering eyewear.

Dewy, soft glaze face

This trend aims to achieve a slight shine on the skin that resembles freshly washed, intensely hydrated skin. Applying a tiny bit of highlighter to your temples rather than your cheekbones can give you this appearance. By doing this, the natural light will reflect off and catch your face at a specific angle, emphasising the top of your face.

Red lips

Who doesn’t adore an eye-catching crimson lip? Bold red lips will always be a standard in achieving that timeless appearance that flatters almost everyone. Red is a captivating and striking colour that works well with virtually any skin tone or tint. More reds and corals with a light gloss over to finish the effect are expected in 2023.

Bold Blue

The days of making fun of your mother’s or grandmothers 1980s baby blue eyeshadow are long gone. During fashion month for the newest season, blue was everywhere. Trend forecasters predict a rise in customer preference for the striking hue blue across the board, from mascara to makeup. Blues might be scary, so I would advise starting with blue mascara for a gradual introduction to colour. You will feel at ease using blue eyeliner in the waterline if you are comfortable wearing blue mascara.

Tinted sunscreen

Expect to see many people adopting two-in-one products, like tinted sunscreen, in line with the “skinimalism” concept. In my opinion, the 2023 makeup trends used everyday will be spot concealing combined with a tinted sunscreen, followed by a medium coverage foundation that still looks natural for going out.

Creamy concealer in place of spot corrector

As more people utilise creamy concealers, fewer dry and dingy spot correctors should be seen in 2023. Professional makeup artists anticipate employing products that aren’t as drying.

Grunge makeup

Many people have already begun to embrace the renowned grunge makeup style of the late ’90s/early 2000s as ’90s trends are fully returning. In the New York Fashion Week, grunge was the rage. The beauty of this 1990s style is that it’s meant to be undone, with smudged, smeared makeup that appears like you spent the entire night at a rave. Even makeup newbies can execute popular runway looks. When you’re a makeup beginner, other beauty trends, like a flawless cat-eye or a perfectly lined lip, may feel a little more challenging to pull off than ’90s makeup.

Brushed-up gelled brows

Because brows are the most prominent facial feature, you can anticipate seeing more of this trend in 2023. The days of pomade brows are over; less is more now. The show-stopper right now is a pair of gel-filled, brushed-up eyebrows. Don’t miss out, then.

Super curled eyelashes

Since full-volume eyelashes have almost always been fashionable, in 2023, you can anticipate seeing more of this. The trend will be to wear lashes that are thick and well-curled.

Monochrome Makeup

We love using makeup to do multiple tasks, so we’re excited that monochromatic makeup is so popular this season. Use a blush that also functions as a delicate lip stain and a warm touch in the crease of the eye. Whether you prefer monochromatic looks in rose or peach or want to make a statement with plum or red, this straightforward, eye-catching cosmetic trend is sure to get people’s attention.

Coloured Lashes

Colour is making a comeback, and coloured lashes are a great way to switch things up. You’ll see coloured lashes enter the trend area. Given how many ’90s fashion fads are currently popular, we’re surprised that coloured lashes haven’t taken over sooner. But don’t panic. You can acquire coloured lashes with a quick coat of mascara rather than searching the internet for falsies.

Blurred Lips

The blurred lip trend is a follow-on from the lip mud fad that gained popularity in Korea. You can apply this lazy, snoozed-in lip look in a few different ways, and it will still look elegant. To get the “barely there” look, we advise using a fluffy brush, blotting after application, or even your fingertips. You can apply a slightly matte lip tint or lipstick.

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