Hair Colour for Grey hair. The science and Shades

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Do you want to rapidly conceal grey hair? Along with conventional colouring, there are innovative ways and correcting items that can quickly give you colour without leaving your house. And it is that some of us, who are only in our mid-twenties, are already beginning to get grey hair. Of course, the first reason we create is because they emerged as a result of stress, but one of the true causes is genetics.

Perhaps if these are your first grey hairs, you’ve been tempted to pluck them out or used tactics like clipping them with scissors. However, as they get more numerous and fully cover your hair, it seems as though the only alternative is to apply hair colour for grey hair. Today, we’re sharing an express beauty secret that will come in handy on several occasions: items that rapidly impart colour.

If you want to extend the duration between tints and colorings and maintain a flawless colour free of grey hair, did you know that the root effect may be completed in seconds? All you need is a correcting solution to colour your hair instantaneously, and you’ll appear as if you just stepped out of the hair salon. Take notice of how we explain how to conceal grey hair swiftly and successfully.

Grey Hair, The Science

Grey, silver, or white hair is a natural component of the ageing process. Each hair is composed of a stem, the colourful portion that emerges from our head, and a root, the portion that anchors the hair underneath the scalp. Each hair strand has a hair follicle around it that includes a number of pigment cells, or melanocytes.

These cells generate melanin continuously, but as we age, the pigment cells progressively diminish, converting into a more transparent hue such as grey, silver, or white. Once all pigment cells in the hair bulb have died, the grey colour of the hair is permanent.

Dark Brown Hair Colour for Grey Hair

One of the hair colours that has been popular for years and is making a comeback.

It’s a rather dark brown, but not quite black. This one will captivate everybody who sees you, due to the depth and dimension it adds to your hair.

Reddish Brown Hair Colour for Grey Hair


If you’re not convinced by the previous colour but want to give your hair a totally new appearance, choose for the strongest reddish tones, such as warm copper. You’re going to look stunning!

Ash-Brown Hair Colour for Grey Hair

As the name implies, this hair colour has some grey highlights, making it an ideal match for grey hair. Additionally, it ensures that you will make relatively few excursions to the aesthetics for touch-ups.

Take note that this does not resemble unruly grey hair. Opposite to the contrary! Utilize those bleached hairs to add brightness to the hair.

Silver accents Hair Colour for Grey Hair

Even if your objective is to conceal your grey hair, you must acknowledge that trends are more about flaunting them.

If you’re still hesitant to go all-in, silver highlights might be a good starting point. It’s all about showcasing a few grey hairs. Naturally, they must be strategically placed (particularly at the ends) to add depth and shine to your hair.

Hair Colour for Grey Hair Highlights


Silver Balayage

Silver balayage is a hair colouring procedure that utilises a colour gradient from dark to light in order to make the hair seem brighter and more manageable and so conceal the first grey hairs. Additionally, silver balayage may be done to any hair type, independent of colour, making it a far more accessible procedure.


There are several colours of babylight highlights that may be used to brighten your hair without being too blonde. For instance, caramel highlights are an excellent alternative for ladies with dark hair, brunettes, or brown who wish to conceal grey hair without sacrificing their natural colour. Because they are very fine root wicks, they are practically imperceptible, creating a very natural appearance.


The wicks that provide the best illumination are those that are dispersed throughout the head and originate from the root. If you dare to go grey or mushroom blonde, you may forget about the grey hair flush for a long time. Ideal for brunettes and with a hint of brutality. If this is too much for you, some caramel or mocha accents work great as well.


#Tip Lowlights has got its place in the highlights section as this involves selective colouring.

Lowlights are sometimes mistaken with highlights, since both procedures involve colouring certain portions of the hair to create contrast (and, yes, to conceal grey hair). What is the difference then? That the highlights are brighter in tone than the base and serve to enlighten, while the lowlights are often deeper in tone to create a realistic and deep appearance. Both are perfect for combating grey hair and, certainly, for becoming the most current members of our circle of friends.

Optional hair colour for grey hair: Hair filaments made of keratin

This technique is based on powdered hair fibres that include keratin nanoparticles that cling to the hair and help conceal spots of grey hair or hair loss. Along with providing a natural colour, it provides the hair an illusion of depth and volume.

How is this applicable? Hair must be clean and dry before utilising hair fibres. Shake the container to disperse the fibres and apply the product to the specified spots. Distribute the fibres evenly throughout the scalp for a natural look; in the frontal region, use the comb. Fix with hairspray to improve the fibres’ adhesion to the hair.

What are the advantages? They are weather resistant and do not spread or deteriorate in the presence of rain or wind. Simple to apply, takes less than 30 seconds! Additionally, the outcome is instantaneous.

Hair Colour for Grey Hair FAQs


Which hair colour conceals grey hair the best?

Choosing a hair colour that is two shades lighter than your natural colour helps conceal the difference between grey and natural hair. When grey hair begins to emerge, lightening the hair conceals the root growth and also softens and rejuvenates the features. If you’re not interested in lightening your hair, another alternative is to put strategically lighter highlights around your face.

What forms of colouring may be used to camouflage grey hair?

Permanent dyes without ammonia are the only ones that completely conceal grey hair. Other types of colouring, such as semi-permanent dyes, colour grey hair by blending it with the natural colour of the hair, which is an excellent way to conceal the initial white hairs.

However, if you want to shade or conceal grey hair, you can use natural colouring methods such as colour baths that do not contain ammonia and are formulated with natural ingredients that lose their pigmentation intensity when washed, or muds and hennas that nuance and add a nice shine while covering between 30% and 40% of the hair.

How to maintain the hair colour for grey hair?

If we want the chosen hair colour to cover our grey hair to stay brilliant for an extended period of time, it is important to maintain proper hair care, which includes keeping the hair moisturised and nourished. This manner, we may extend the duration of the shine and colour. On the day of the colour treatment in the salon, they may add a customised sealing, hydration, and shine service, which will prolong the tone’s life.


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